Thursday, June 11, 2015

Year 33 - Week 28

So the year for this particular series is already half way over! Crazy.

Thoughts so far? I've loved how this has made me intentional to look for things during the day. Hurray!

Day 1 - I returned home from Nashville to one of the nastiest smells I have ever smelled in the apartment. 
It reminded me of a time I returned from camp with the Eichners and their fridge had died while we were all gone and the food had rotted. 
So I was burning candles here like no-ones business and trying to find the source of the stink. It took several days to discover. 

Day 2 - For those who know me, I am an unpacker. Go away for a one-night weekend retreat, unpack the suitcase. This photo was taken because it took three days to unpack my suitcase after coming back from Nashville. So out of my character! Sleep won! 

Day 3 - Julia and I carpooled on the way to our staff retreat. We stopped in America's living room - Dairy Queen to get blizzards! Take me back to childhood. SO FUN! 

Day 4 - This picture makes me giggle! We did some research reports at the retreat and my project had a theme song. So Julia and I were doing interpretive dance to the song and it is HILARIOUS! 

Day 5 - I love us - our office slogan/theme. Sure do love these people! 

Day 6 - Girls night! Most Sunday nights we play volleyball together, but this particular night prior to the playing, we did some, um... encouraging of one another in our strengths and gifts. 
These women - so grateful we are here for this time! 

Day 7 - The working out has become such a part of life and I love it! I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true. 
Hurray for accountability! Hurray for apartment gyms! Hurray for friends who kick your butt! 

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