Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Year 33 - Week 29

No more disclaimers about being behind. :)

Week of May 19-25

Day 1 - Summer Movie Nights. First on the agenda - a classic. Y'all, I had not watched this in years. Still so good. 
"You're killing me, Smalls"
So many great one liners! LOVE IT! 

Day 2 - Popsicle day at work! Every once in a while, our office management hosts these fun things, so today was AMAZING popsicles. So fun! 

Day 3 - Y'all. This photo. So while I was in Panama, I served with some ladies and we would plan annual women's retreats called "Bloom". We looked for a long time for a photo to show freedom and living in Christ. This could have been one we would have chosen. So when I saw this, burst out laughing. It's all interpretation. Hilarious! 

Day 4 - We had a training meeting online as a team. We were encouraged to ask questions, so I thought of one and asked it. Without creating a confusing situation trying to explain it, let's just say it caused the moderator confusion. AND it made Julia and I laugh for the next 10 minutes silently with tears streaming down our faces. To the point, Julia had to block out seeing me for us to begin gaining some semblance of control. Too. Stinking. Funny. It still makes me laugh.
What's worse is this call is RECORDED and we can re-listen at any time. 

Day 5 - The Renaissance Fair. Sucy and Kristin are avid fans of such things and it was my inaugural visit. What a unique experience. I have many thoughts thinking about reality, facades, etc. But it was an interesting time and FABULOUS people watching! 

We watched a jousting match, which was very entertaining. 

The signs in some of the shops were HILARIOUS! 

Yes, this is a scooter DRESSED AS A DRAGON! This was for real. Again, the people watching. 

Love these girls and these crazy adventures! 

Day 6 - Time for some Gang of Four. It had been far too long since a game night with Luke and the Abster. Love those people! 

Day 7 - Since it was Memorial Day weekend, Sucy and I went shopping at the outlet malls. It was SUPER fun, but we got trapped in some rain. Memories, folks. Love it. 

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