Friday, June 26, 2015

Year 33 - Week 30

Another week of life and living!

Week of May 26-June 1

Day 1 - If you want to look all fancy in bringing a dessert, the trifle is the way to go. SOOOOO easy and it looks all fancy! (Also it tastes pretty amazing and yes, those are snickers on top). Thank you, Pinterest! 

And games...y'all know how I feel about the games. SOOOO Much laughter at our end of the semester small group party. Too funny! 

Day 2 - Beautiful sunshine and lunch outside. Hurray! 

Another summer movie night - Jurassic Park. This was my first time to watch it. It was a must to catch up so we could go and watch the new one (which we did). Well done. 

Day 3 - If y'all knew how many pictures we took this day (ahem, Kristin - :) it is slightly embarrassing. But it sure is fun working out together. 

Day 4 - Regina is getting married!!!!! (Now that I'm finally writing this, she is now married)
Today we celebrated her engagement/bachelorette party. So fun! Sure do love this lady! 

Day 5 - Truly one of the highlights of my month - If:Table! 
This month we did a salad bar, which was so fun! 

Such great conversation and it was great having Samira and Abi join us for the first time this month. 
I love what the Lord is doing during these times together and have high expectations for what He is yet to do. 
(L to R: Samira, Sucy, Abby, Kristin, and Abi)

Day 6 - REGINA and RUSS's Wedding day!!!!!! 
It was a beautiful wedding and such a joy to celebrate how the Lord has brought them together! 

 I love us! So grateful for these women! 

Day 7 - It was that time again - hide the grays! 
Thanks, Kristin, for being my personal colorist! 

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