Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Year 33 - Week 31

Week of June 2-9

This was a fun week (I feel like I've almost caught up - ha!) 

Day 1 - it was Regina's first day after the wedding and we decorated her office with the roaming ficus tree and photos from the wedding! 

Day 2 - Dad was still in town from the wedding, so Luke, Abby, Dad, and I went to the Ranger's game. It was like a flashback to so many times we went to games! LOVE IT! 

We are a pretty cute family! I sure do love these people. 
Ignore the fact I'm wearing pearls to a baseball game. There was a reason that I can no longer remember. 

Look how festive Abster is! She is so cute. 
We had the best time being commentators. We had a running dialogue and it was HILARIOUS! 

Day 3 - Chickfila Day! So busy, the line was out the door! But you know we sure did wait for it. 

Day 4 - Jurassic World night! So I had caught up and become educated in the ways of the dinosaur world. It was fun to go and watch. Sucy and I might have screamed out loud a few times during the movie. 
Also, this sign made me laugh! Because we know all the people going into the theaters these days are using these cool flip phones. Hahaha! 

Day 5 - Another workout day complete! Look at us being all consistent. 

Also Kristin needed to tuck the cords back into her tv cabinet, so I was the cord stuffer. Can you find me??? Hehe! 

ALSO - GLORY BE! Sucy made us the MOST AMAZING Guatemalan breakfast. Some of my most favorite food in the world. 
Those are black beans in case you are unfamiliar with this food group. 

Be still my heart. Delish. Salivating. 

Day 6 - Family Fun Splash Day at Church! 
These are the twins in my class and they make me excited each Sunday. 
They are asking incredible questions and wanting to know the things of Jesus. I get so excited I can hardly stand it. 
They are so sweet and such a joy! 

Day 7 - LEFTOVERS!!!!! Thank you, Sucy! 
For real, y'all. You need to go find yourselves a Guatemalan restaurant or friend to try this amazingness. 

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