Thursday, July 23, 2015

Year 33 - Week 36

Another week of life and enjoying the moments.

Week of July 7-13

Day 1 - When your dad knows the passions of your heart for Jesus and sends you information on how to pursue those loves! (It's for a conference regarding women's ministry and leadership!) 

Day 2 - Bible study homework this week involved drawing - not my area of great skill. 
Hannah - do you have any idea what this might represent?????? It's a childhood memory!!!! :) 
Also, notice how one of us is kicking up our back leg. Why? Because my drawing skills are that amazing! Hahaha! 

Day 3 - Just pow-wowing at the office. Also, I dressed like an old-school inmate this day. 

Day 4 - Shakespeare at the Park with friends! (Leigh and her sister had already left). 
Love picnics outside in the summer (minus the mosquitos!)

Day 5 - The Abbys take on Ikea. 
This woman - amazing ideas for small spaces. LOVE IT! 
Preparing for a new space and new season. 

We also had to run to the store and Abby had a "Father of the Bride" moment with the hot dog buns and hot dogs coming in different sized packages! Hahah! 

Day 6 - Can you see this spelling faux pas??? 
Spelling matters, people! Unless it is supposed to say, "watch me". Even then, spelling matters. 

Y'all. I can't even explain this photo to make it as hilarious as it is! 
Short story - Julia and I may have created an interpretive dance to a very interesting song.
And we might have presented at our work retreat. And it might have included pointed toes to start. 
So this photo appeared in a recent text conversation that brought forth must side-splitting laughter. Love these ladies! 

Thankful for the moments to remember laughter, to remember joy, to remember God's faithfulness, to remember. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Year 33 - Week 35

My goal is to get caught up before getting further behind in the next week!

Week of June 30 - July 6

Day 1 - We got an Edible Arrangement from one of our groups! 
I so loved working with this group - their tour leader may me laugh so often! 
AND if y'all have not eaten the chocolate covered pineapples of an edible arrangement - wow! Delish! 

This summer, I'm doing the "Stuck" study by Jennie Allen with a friend. My poor friend. I got stuck this week (pun intended). Me and the Holy Spirit were going at it, in a good way. 
It was a lot of processing and working through life. LOVE IT! 

Day 2 - INDIAN FOOD! Dinner with Kamella and Kristin was filled with laughter, good questions, dreaming, and amazing spicy food! So fun! 

Starting a new journal - the photo says it all. 

Day 3- This made me laugh! My facebook has started automatically translating things for me and this is HILARIOUS! It's translating what it assumes to be Spanglish. 

Day 4 - Teaching CB how to throw coins in the mall fountain. She loved it! 
And of course being the Tia, I lifted her up so she could touch the water. Because don't you remember being a kid and wanting to touch the water in the fountain. 

Day 5 - 5K and breakfast at the church began with a hilarious conversation between CB and her little friend about their favorite grocery stores. HILARIOUS! They sounded like grown ups. 

This was my first 5K and I learned a LOT! 
Good thing we were in a cemetery because had I died, way easier for the family. 

Hannah got us these awesome shirts for the July 4 run! (Isn't she the cutest????)

Finished the fourth with fun with friends and the pool for the girls. 
LOVE the matching bathing suits. So cute! 

Day 6 - Church day with matching clothes. Oh the memories of Hannah and I matching so many times and I love it! 

This picture makes me laugh because it is classic Sunday activities. 
Hannah is clipping coupons, there is conversation happening around the kitchen counters, and just general hanging out. Love it! 

Day 7 - These women. Love them. All I remember about this day was exhaustion, heads exploding, and our thankfulness that we are in it together! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Year 33 - Week 34

So this week has fewer people pictures for some reason. Can you tell which day I was struggling to find something to take a picture of, but it did make me laugh??

Week of June 22-29

Day 1 - Letter writing! 
We have been having a lot of visitors for Sunday school, so the kid's min is asking the teachers to write visitor's a letter. SO FUN! Love it. 
(Even though I am blogging this a few weeks later, one of the kids who visited and received a letter was there today!)

Day 2 - This sign had been in our office elevators during the month of June. 
Y'all, the Blue Bell fans out there would have descended by the hundreds if this were true. 
Note: they took down the posters before July. :( 

Day 3 - This is hilarious! We grew up with mom and dad driving Buick's only. 
And there was definitely some Gaither Trio and Vocal Band music playing. 
So when I saw this, I busted out laughing and then screenshot it. 

Day 4 - This was the end of the week and the end of a HUGE project! Julia had been out of town to Israel and we had been working on a team project and I wanted to finish it before she returned. 
HUNDREDS of packages, letter folding, and packaging to get to this point! I used every copy of the book in these packages to be found in the office! 

Day 5 - Shakespeare in the Park. 
The weather this summer (until the day I'm blogging this) has been AMAZING!

This particular show was "Romeo and Juliet" 

The crew. Super fun time.
Hurray for summer days! 

Day 6 - It is no secret that one of the highlights of my week is teaching Sunday school.
My crew is now in 2nd grade (we move up to 3rd grade in August) and this summer series on basic Scripture fundamentals has been amazing! It has spurred incredible conversation.
This was one of the quotes from today. Melt. My Heart. 
So love these munchkins and what the Lord is doing in their lives. 

Day 7 - Any meeting with maps is a good meeting! LOVE MAPS! 
We were learning about our Protestant Reformation tours - the sites, itinerary, and interesting points along the way. AND THERE WERE MAPS! 
Yes, I really do like maps. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Newest Siblings Birthdays

Disclaimer - I'm going to do all the typing first and then there are a bajillion pictures below because I just love these people and already this set of photos was limiting me! 

So July 14 is a pretty special day in our family.

BOTH my brother-in-love and sister-in-love have their birthdays today.
Crazy isn't it? Something only the Lord would orchestrate.

When Luke told us Abby had the same birthday as Ben, it was a done deal. She had my name, Hannah's middle name, Ben's birthday, loved Jesus (this was obviously the most important - everything else was Holy Spirit confirmation), was an elementary education major, she grew up in Dallas, etc. Basically after the birthday deal, we all threw money at him for the ring and said, "Done. Propose." (Ok, not true. Luke, being the responsible man he is, had already been saving and researching and such.)

As we got older, I was nervous about the siblings marrying off and about the people they would marry. The night before Hannah married Ben, I burst into tears and boo-hoo-ed to her "This is going to change everything! Bwah-sob-tears-etc" She assured me nothing would change. Puh-lease. Everything changed, but it was all for the better. Then when Luke married, I wasn't nervous because I knew how awesome it could be.

Ben became the older brother I had always wanted. I love thinking about the first time I met Ben and his and Hannah's awkward lunch. It was back in his Six Flag gig days and their pre-dating days. It still makes me smile. We got back in the car and I told Hannah, "You are going to date that man". He makes Hannah a better person and they are a dynamite team. I love having watched their marriage grow over the past NINE years (how is that possible????). They are better together for the Gospel and the Kingdom than separate. And I love that whenever I go and visit, it doesn't feel awkward or weird, because brother is just that cool! Love that big brother of mine!

And then Abby came along. Golly, do I love her too. (Do people even say "golly" anymore? Did I just age myself 80 years?). Abster is a tiny, dynamite chica. My first introduction to Abby in person was at Luke's college graduation. I rode with them in the car for a few hours to question, interrogate, drill  get to know her. Living here in Dallas has been the sweetest treat in getting to know her. I love her spunk and her heart for the Lord, people, and ministry. She makes Luke a better man.

So while I realize this isn't the norm or even common in some families, I receive these two blessings as incredible treasures and gifts. Ben and Abby are family. True siblings.