Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Year 33 - Week 32

I still get excited writing these posts. Such sweet memories and reminders of the Lord's faithfulness, His reminder to me in being intentional and aware, and so many amazing people he has put in front of me. Love it!

Week of June 10-17

Day 1 - Y'all. Sprouts. This store is wonderful! And seedless watermelons? Yes, please. 
And at that price. Ok. 

Day 2 - Julia and I went to run errands during lunch. It was like the whole world had gone mad. 
Seriously. It was like a quincena in Panama with the thirteenth month payment at Christmas time. MADNESS! 

Day 3 - After working out, Suce and I went to get food at Wild About Harry's (Groupon was about toe expire). GREAT conversation while eating hot dogs. 

Day 4 - with Julia leaving the country, this meant I was on call with the after-hours phone. 
This thing. It has the slide out keyboard and when I have to text it takes forever because I have no idea what I'm doing. I jumped straight from the dumb phone to an iPhone and skipped the whole slide out keyboard phase. 

Day 5 - Poor Suce hurt her back at volleyball, so we hung out and had a "sick day". 
I played pharmacist and went to get great products like hot/cold rub, pain killer, flowers, and such. 
Then we spent time watching 24 and such. Good times! 

Day 6 - Highlight of my week - Sunday school! 
This summer the kid's min is doing a series on basic Bible doctrine (that's what I'm calling it). 
This particular week was on "God in three persons is Holy". 
So we talked about who God is and his characteristics. We finished the planned activities early, so I thought we should write a Psalm (we had talked about Psalms as a part of the lesson). 
It was AMAZING! 
Yes, we might have made a word bank and then written the Psalm. 
My heart nearly burst when students were asking their parents to take a picture of the psalm we wrote.
Oh Lord, may your Word be inscribed on their hearts as they live lives to worship You. 

Day 7 - Ignore the fact this photo is not following instructions. 
I was thinking about Aunt Pat and how amazing she is at writing letters, so I wanted to get some new note cards to get back to writing letters more intentionally. 
So fun! 

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