Sunday, July 19, 2015

Year 33 - Week 34

So this week has fewer people pictures for some reason. Can you tell which day I was struggling to find something to take a picture of, but it did make me laugh??

Week of June 22-29

Day 1 - Letter writing! 
We have been having a lot of visitors for Sunday school, so the kid's min is asking the teachers to write visitor's a letter. SO FUN! Love it. 
(Even though I am blogging this a few weeks later, one of the kids who visited and received a letter was there today!)

Day 2 - This sign had been in our office elevators during the month of June. 
Y'all, the Blue Bell fans out there would have descended by the hundreds if this were true. 
Note: they took down the posters before July. :( 

Day 3 - This is hilarious! We grew up with mom and dad driving Buick's only. 
And there was definitely some Gaither Trio and Vocal Band music playing. 
So when I saw this, I busted out laughing and then screenshot it. 

Day 4 - This was the end of the week and the end of a HUGE project! Julia had been out of town to Israel and we had been working on a team project and I wanted to finish it before she returned. 
HUNDREDS of packages, letter folding, and packaging to get to this point! I used every copy of the book in these packages to be found in the office! 

Day 5 - Shakespeare in the Park. 
The weather this summer (until the day I'm blogging this) has been AMAZING!

This particular show was "Romeo and Juliet" 

The crew. Super fun time.
Hurray for summer days! 

Day 6 - It is no secret that one of the highlights of my week is teaching Sunday school.
My crew is now in 2nd grade (we move up to 3rd grade in August) and this summer series on basic Scripture fundamentals has been amazing! It has spurred incredible conversation.
This was one of the quotes from today. Melt. My Heart. 
So love these munchkins and what the Lord is doing in their lives. 

Day 7 - Any meeting with maps is a good meeting! LOVE MAPS! 
We were learning about our Protestant Reformation tours - the sites, itinerary, and interesting points along the way. AND THERE WERE MAPS! 
Yes, I really do like maps. 

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