Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Year 33 - Week 35

My goal is to get caught up before getting further behind in the next week!

Week of June 30 - July 6

Day 1 - We got an Edible Arrangement from one of our groups! 
I so loved working with this group - their tour leader may me laugh so often! 
AND if y'all have not eaten the chocolate covered pineapples of an edible arrangement - wow! Delish! 

This summer, I'm doing the "Stuck" study by Jennie Allen with a friend. My poor friend. I got stuck this week (pun intended). Me and the Holy Spirit were going at it, in a good way. 
It was a lot of processing and working through life. LOVE IT! 

Day 2 - INDIAN FOOD! Dinner with Kamella and Kristin was filled with laughter, good questions, dreaming, and amazing spicy food! So fun! 

Starting a new journal - the photo says it all. 

Day 3- This made me laugh! My facebook has started automatically translating things for me and this is HILARIOUS! It's translating what it assumes to be Spanglish. 

Day 4 - Teaching CB how to throw coins in the mall fountain. She loved it! 
And of course being the Tia, I lifted her up so she could touch the water. Because don't you remember being a kid and wanting to touch the water in the fountain. 

Day 5 - 5K and breakfast at the church began with a hilarious conversation between CB and her little friend about their favorite grocery stores. HILARIOUS! They sounded like grown ups. 

This was my first 5K and I learned a LOT! 
Good thing we were in a cemetery because had I died, way easier for the family. 

Hannah got us these awesome shirts for the July 4 run! (Isn't she the cutest????)

Finished the fourth with fun with friends and the pool for the girls. 
LOVE the matching bathing suits. So cute! 

Day 6 - Church day with matching clothes. Oh the memories of Hannah and I matching so many times and I love it! 

This picture makes me laugh because it is classic Sunday activities. 
Hannah is clipping coupons, there is conversation happening around the kitchen counters, and just general hanging out. Love it! 

Day 7 - These women. Love them. All I remember about this day was exhaustion, heads exploding, and our thankfulness that we are in it together! 

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