Thursday, July 23, 2015

Year 33 - Week 36

Another week of life and enjoying the moments.

Week of July 7-13

Day 1 - When your dad knows the passions of your heart for Jesus and sends you information on how to pursue those loves! (It's for a conference regarding women's ministry and leadership!) 

Day 2 - Bible study homework this week involved drawing - not my area of great skill. 
Hannah - do you have any idea what this might represent?????? It's a childhood memory!!!! :) 
Also, notice how one of us is kicking up our back leg. Why? Because my drawing skills are that amazing! Hahaha! 

Day 3 - Just pow-wowing at the office. Also, I dressed like an old-school inmate this day. 

Day 4 - Shakespeare at the Park with friends! (Leigh and her sister had already left). 
Love picnics outside in the summer (minus the mosquitos!)

Day 5 - The Abbys take on Ikea. 
This woman - amazing ideas for small spaces. LOVE IT! 
Preparing for a new space and new season. 

We also had to run to the store and Abby had a "Father of the Bride" moment with the hot dog buns and hot dogs coming in different sized packages! Hahah! 

Day 6 - Can you see this spelling faux pas??? 
Spelling matters, people! Unless it is supposed to say, "watch me". Even then, spelling matters. 

Y'all. I can't even explain this photo to make it as hilarious as it is! 
Short story - Julia and I may have created an interpretive dance to a very interesting song.
And we might have presented at our work retreat. And it might have included pointed toes to start. 
So this photo appeared in a recent text conversation that brought forth must side-splitting laughter. Love these ladies! 

Thankful for the moments to remember laughter, to remember joy, to remember God's faithfulness, to remember. 

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