Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 33 - Week 39

Warning - this post has a LOT of photos.
Why? Because there was no way to choose only one for each day. This is what happens when you travel.

 Day 1 - Bananas - I can rarely eat this fruit in the states. 
It's hard to describe how amazing bananas are when they are truly ripe and eaten soon after picked. So amazingly delicious! 

Spending the week with this lady - one of the highlights of the year. 
So love Amber, her wisdom, her laughter, and her spunk. 
So thankful for our friendship! 

Music. Singing these songs in Spanish all week brought back so many memories of days gone by, but in a whole new setting. 
So much fun and a complete joy to worship with these little ones! 
Also, so loved that Lena helped us out! Such a sweetie! 

Morgan rocking the bathroom door holding job! Thanks, girl! 

Day 2 - Sergio: this kid and this face. "What is this crazy gringa doing???" 
Adorable and so wanted to bring him home! 

The amazing people of the church made incredible lunches for us each day. 
This day was a bar-b-que with amazing meat: beef, pork, and chorizo. Yes, please! 

Painting nails. Loved watching these girls sit so still and wait for their nails to be painted. 

These sweet guy was helpful everyday, willing to serve and help however needed. 

Day 3 - One of the highlights of being in Paraguay was some time away with Jesus. Each morning felt like a retreat with Him. 
Our team spent time alone each morning in I Peter and then gathered together for sharing, music, and prayer. Treasured moments. 

Sightseeing day with the Paraguayan flag behind. 

Day 4 - Amber trying to throw away the orange juice container in the tiny trashcan. 

TJ being himself. 

Driving in Panama! Just like old times. 
Yes, I did use the horn. Loved it! 

Sweet Lisa came to the canal to see us for the short time we were there - so kind! 

Surreal - the word Amber and I kept using about being in Panama. 
Familiar, yet so much has changed in our lives. 
Love seeing what the Lord has done. 

Project airport - enough said. Aves - so missed seeing you. So close. :( 

Day 5 - Made it to Nashville.
We went through the carwash and Char covered her ears the whole time.
When it was over, she asked to go through again. That girl! 

We got to have dinner with this girl and Nick! 
I haven't seen Jess in YEARS! So fun to catch up! 

Day 6 - Family dinner! 
Huge gathering of dear friends - the Kirkpatricks, McDougalds, and Hydes at the Clark's house. 
The laughter that night - y'all, cannot even explain. 

Also, when did this girl grow up?????? Makes me feel so old. 
I remember skiing with her when she was tiny and Hannah and I would hold her and Allie-bear. 

Day 7 - Pappy reading to Char-Belle. 
Love this. She is kind of obsessed with the "Curious George Goes to the Hospital" book. 

Starbucks with sister - a summertime tradition.
We love us some Starbucks shaken teas. Love spending time with her. Hannah is one amazing lady! 

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