Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Year 33 - Week 37

Week of July 14 - 20.

So it's back to catching up after returning from Paraguay. If you want to read all of the thoughts from Paraguay, you can check them out at: www.northgateparaguay.blogspot.com. So so grateful to have been able to go on the trip and honored to have been able to tell our story while we were there.

Anywhoo. Back to catching up.

Day 1 - Cow Appreciation Day = Office field trip! 
We are HUGE Chickfila Fans - especially of the one on Northwest Hwy/Lake Highlands.
Good people. 

While most of our crew wore the regular "Eat mor chikin" signs, I made my own. 

Day 2 - I sent Jen a letter and I was pretty stinking proud of my drawing. I am a horrible drawer of the states, especially Texas, but I felt pretty impressed that they looked somewhat decipherable. 

Day 3 - I was pet-sitting this week and used the guest bathroom during one of my visits. I wasn't sure what to use - the fancy monogrammed, linen hand towels, or the fancy monogrammed, ultra-thick napkins. Clearly, I'm not fancy. 

Day 4 - IF TABLE! 
Seriously, one of my favorite moments of each month. 
This month - our group exploded. Look at all of these woman! 
Cannot tell you how blessed my heart was. I so wish you could have listened in on what the Lord is doing in the lives of women. 
AND y'all, there are women who are coming or being invited to this who are need of Jesus. Would you pray with us? 
So many of these woman are inviting their friends to come, eat dinner with us, and hear of what Jesus can do in a transformed heart. It's real life being lived with one another. 

Day 5 - Suce went furniture browsing with me, which included a journey to Weirs. 
So we got some popcorn and glass bottled cokes. I love that store. 

This photo is the night we said "see you later" in Panama. 
Many tears that night. 

Fast forward two years and here she is! 
All grown up. Love this home girl! 
Cannot tell you how sweet our time together was. 

Day 7 - Business meeting with my brother! WHAT? 
Is this real life? 

This night. Y'all. 
Tears springing to my eyes. 
Morgan and I met Michael in Canton to have dinner and catch up. 
LOVED hearing how the Lord is continuing to grow this man and use Him for the kingdom. 
One of those moments I bottled up all the moments as sweetness. Grateful for the time we could spend together - but we were missing Aves and AJ. 

And always love watching him and Morgan hang out. Siblings are the best! 

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