Friday, August 14, 2015

Year 33 - Week 38

Hard to believe summer is nearly over, though summer is very different no longer following a school calendar.

Week of July 21-27

Day 1 - Morgan came to work with me all week. This was her observation of office work "I love shredding things. It makes me realize how many hours are in a day." 
We started this day at Krispy Kreme. 

Morg and I were on a project to put together a super fun package for Roo. 
This photo makes me laugh so hard! We waited a LONG time for the rotating pictures outside of Disney to have Sadness come back up. We were trying t imitate her, with the hand included. HILARIOUS! 

I told Morgan no to these shoes. I said, "Girl, you are not fighting lions in the arena." 

Day 2 - Volleyball night. Again. 
Morg did awesome - of course. 
Super fun times! 

We raced back to be a part of the last Paraguay meeting, which was so great. 
Gotta love technology. 

Day 3 - Breakfast with Luke and Abster. 
Sure do love these people. 

Day 4 - Sonic Happy Hour - yes! 
And lots of loud country music singing! 
And laughter. 

This corridor at O'Hare. 
Anyone? What does this remind you of? 
I sent this photo as a text and instantly the movie quotes began pouring in from my family. 
Home Alone - the original. 

Morgan and I had practical jokes waiting in the hotel room. 
"Someone" had set this up on one of the beds. 

Day 5 - This photo did not turn out awesome, but we made it to Paraguay! 

Day 6 - This photo still amazes me how the Lord brings people together. 
I met this sweet lady many years ago at a conference in the Dominican Republic. 
We realized this having lunch at her house in Paraguay. So fun! 

Day 7 - Most of the Paraguay pictures for the daily blog will be ones you may have seen before if you were following the Paraguay blog. 
This is one of my favorites - the thermos of mate (hot tea). 
I should go make some. 

And this little guy - wanted to bring him home. 

Paraguay stole a piece of my heart. 

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