Monday, August 31, 2015

Year 33 - Week 40

Yes, I have fallen off of the catching up band wagon.
If I post my thoughts from my brain, you would have a blog overload. MANY thoughts and things rolling around this brain of mine. Hopefully some of them will make it to this place!

Week of August 4-10, 2015

Day 1 - Pool day with the fam! 

Too much excitement for this little tiny. 

Mom - the tannest one of them all. 
Sure do love hanging out with these people. I know Ben was devastated to have missed being in the sun! :)  And we missed Aunt Abby and her awesome swimming skills! 

Day 2 - I came home, unpacked, and discovered this little beast. 
Hannah and I somewhere MANY years ago found this kid's toy in a meal somewhere. It has become something we constantly trade back and forth with one another. 
In the past few years, I have successfully been able to keep it in her safekeeping. 
Alas, no longer. I am working on a return plan for this bit o' plastic to return home to Nashville. 

Going back to my office this day, I saw my newest pictures and missed these people! 
Morg - that picture of us with "Inside Out", still making me laugh. 

BIG DAY!!! I went and picked up the keys to my new apartment AND had a letter already waiting for me! 
More posts to come on the new place. 

Day 3 - Team lunch at Cedars. 
This place and food is amazing! 

Day 4 - BBQ at a gas station/restaurant. 
Deep conversation about the Holy Spirit. 
Outlet mall shopping. We basically became personal shoppers for so many ladies in one store. 
They were coming out of their dressing rooms to ask our opinions about their clothes because we were having so much fun! I was running and getting sizes for people too! 

Day 5 - I failed this day to take a photo of my shopping excursion with Luke and Abster. 
However, y'all. What is this? 
Capri denims with elastic waists? 
I don't know. 

Favorite purchase of the day - this cool chair! It has a hymnal rack in the back and I LOVE this chair! It is so cute! 

Day 6 - Went to church with this lady since I wasn't teaching Sunday school. 
Followed it up with brunch and more conversation! 

Day 7 - When your brother is your favorite go-to handy man! 
I could not figure out how to put in the different drill bit. Yes, I know how to do it on my little drill, but he has a fancy man-drill. 
We finally decided to use the modern technology available to us and Facetime so he could show me how to do it. 
Guess what? The visual tutorial worked. 
Thanks, buddy! 

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