Saturday, September 26, 2015

Year 33 - Week 44

Week of September 1-7

Day 1 - Siri is a great resource when driving and I need to remember something.
Sometimes she doesn't quite understand what I am saying and it makes me giggle! 

Day 2 - Torchy's Tacos and their queso. Some of my favorite queso on the planet. 
Sister-  you need to come back to visit so we can go again! :) 

Love sharing office space and life with these ladies and sharing chips and queso! 

Sweet Kamela. We had dinner together and she walked in to me weeping at our table. I had just gotten off the phone with my sweet Grandma and my heart was breaking as her body's weakening state. She was so sweet to listen and just be a dear friend. (We didn't eat Popsicles for dinner, but did finish our time with them). 

Day 3 - KARA!!!!! This woman has such a gift for giving gifts. 
She sent me this amazing box with the sweetest note and things for the apartment. I laughed and cried as I went through the box. Thank you, dear Kara. So love you! 

Day 4 - Because the Lord is amazing, a text conversation started out of the blue with a dear lady who used to be a daily part of my life in Panama. They are in the process of renaming one of their restaurants and this is her idea. Fede is faith in Italian. 
Overwhelmed. Praying even more for this family and for them to cling to the faithfulness of the Lord. 

Sometimes the Good Year blimp flies in your neighborhood on opening weekend of college football. 
I have needed to learn the home game schedule for SMU to avoid traffic and learn new routes through the neighborhood. 

Day 5 - Neighborhood construction sightings. Apparently in this neighborhood, when you are constructing a home, you have to assemble a tiny model of what the home is going to look like. This is to ensure the people are happy with your choices. No purple houses with orange doors in this place. 

Day 6 - BASEBALL!!!!!! 
What is better than baseball on Labor Day weekend with friends? 
AND with a $10 deal to watch the game, get a souvenir, and a voucher for free food at Raising Cane's? That is a deal, my friends! 

And these people? LOVE THEM! 
Luke is stuck in an Abby sandwich. 

Day 7 - Sunflowers. Aren't they lovely? 
These lasted forever and made me smile every time I looked at them. 
Fresh flowers are a delight to my heart! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Year 33 - Week 43

Getting into September for the blogging.

And I forgot to post this picture for last week's. Well, actually it was still on my "real" camera (ie: not a phone camera).

From last week - So these ladies. It has been one year since we have been getting together each month. 
It is only because of the craziness of how the Lord puts people together that I have been able to know these women. I call this my "mentorship" dinner every month. 
I love the generations represented. 
I love how the Lord is using this group to speak into one another lives and to learn from one another. 
So so grateful! 

Week of: August 25-31, 2015

Day 1 - I wish I could adequately share what this particular night meant to me.
This sweet lady is in my small group.
It was our kickoff night for the fall and our group had a dinner together and we sat next to one another and had such a sweet God-ordained conversation. 
We talked about singleness and the church and I walked away so incredibly encouraged. 
My heart is still so encouraged by our discussion this night. 

Day 2 - Sometimes when grocery shopping in Texas, there are people in cowboy hats and sneakers. 

Day 3 - I rarely do anything that requires a super late weeknight.
Yes, I'm a wimp. 
Julia and I went to a Taylor Swift sing-a-long that started at 10pm. 
It. Was. So. Fun! 
It was hysterical and a blast! 
Totally worth the late night. Our voices were hoarse when it was over.
But oh so worth it! 

Day 4 - For our last August half-day Friday, our office had a pool party at Regina and Russ's house. 
So much fun! 
What a treat to have a day poolside together and cookout! 

Day 5 - I'm not a big selfie poster, however, here is one. 
This is a public service announcement. 
If you go to sleep listening to music on an iPad and that device happens to get caught in your bedding. 
Then when you wake up cold and whip the blankets up on yourself, this electronic device may slam into your lip and create swelling. (this is after a few hours, so it had diminished). 
This also may happen on a day when you have a work meeting with a group of people! 

 Day 6 - Children's ministry training day. Our theme??? Warm welcome. 
Very creative. 
The hot tamales were a prize since our table was awesome at being finding commonalities. 

Day 7 - I've been reading Priscilla Shirer's book One in a Million.
So so good. 
This quote stood out to me and was very convicting. 
How often am I focused on the Promised Land rather than the Giver? 
Such a great reminder. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

If Table: September 2015

So If Table. Sounds strange perhaps, but, y'all, my heart is so blessed each month by this. I have to write now before the wonder of tonight begins to fade.

If Table is a part of the If Gathering ministry (more here:
This past spring I went to an If Gathering hosted at church and heard about this concept of hosting women each month around the table for food and intentional conversation. So spoke to my heart.

See I was just starting to transition past the gut-wrenching loneliness of having moved back to the States and was realizing, "There have got to be other hurting, lonely women all around me."
I started praying for the Lord to show me those women and give me courage to love them in that loneliness.

So If:Table beautifully provided an opportunity to do so.
For those of y'all that know me, I'm a rule follower. The suggestions for If Table are 6 Jesus loving women, 4 questions, and the table. Nope. I've approached this more as a platform to invite women into. Any women. From friends to those in the gym to those from the local Chickfila (or two of the local Chickfilas) to strangers asking if their friends could come - and y'all, EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. The Lord has brought different women who engage in real conversation. And y'all, some of those who come are searching for Jesus.

Tonight. Oh tonight. Beauty once again. I saw glimpses of the church's radiance. Did you see, God, did you see these daughters?

Women saying life hurts. Faith is hard. Weariness drains me. The church can hurt. I want to give to others, but I'm fearful.
And yet also proclaiming - My God is good. My God is healing my wounds. I want God to enter my space and renew my trust. I see God using right now.


I wish I could remember all the words the Lord and I just shared about tonight.

It was beautiful.

It was authentic.

It was Jesus showing up and showing off.

Can't wait for next month.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Year 33 - Week 42

This was one of these weeks that I love looking back on, mostly because it was the week we had If:Table and y'all know that is a highlight for me!!!

Day 1 - This was the last container to unpack in the new apartment! I'll have to do a post on my new place. SOOOOOO Love how the Lord has provided this home. What a sweet blessing! 

Day 2 - Cold front. In Dallas. In August. 
WHAT???? I wore a long sleeved shirt. 
And I loved every minute of it! 

Day 3 - Impromptu card playing. So fun! 
It was totally spur of the moment and so fun! 

Day 4 - Preparing for If:Table and while in Kroger, I encountered a herd (ok, I know the real term is pack) of dog balloons. 
Scared me! I saw this one out of the corner of my eye and I thought it was real and freaked me out! 

Being in my own home meant I could finally unpack these bowls. 
I've had these for probably six years and have never been in a place to unpack them. 
So fun! 

If Table!!!!!! 
Seriously, one of the greatest delights of my soul and highlights of my month! 
Two new ladies this month and I was honored to host it in my home. 
Great conversation, laughter, food, and delightful women. 
Would you pray for those who are invited every month? 

Day 6 - How sweet is this? 
This particular Sunday, we were talking about prayer. 
The kiddos went around the room writing prayers, requests, and praises and then also spent time praying. 
Such beauty in watching the next generation pray. 
Lord, may they be mighty warriors for you. 

Day 7 - Kristin and I grilled out! Hurray! 
We had to sneak into the grill area of her complex because her key wasn't working. 
Then we were stalking her entrance gate because she couldn't get back in her building. 
So fun! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Year 33 - Week 41

This was officially moving in and settling week (not this week according to publish date, but according to photo dates!).

Week of August 11-17.

Day 1 - It was a beautiful cloud covered day! This came as an incredible relief after the hottest week of Dallas summer. 
I'll take one week over weeks of 100+ temps. 

Day 2 - Family building/assembly night! 
This awesome brother helps install shelving/organizational things for me. Gotta love it! 

And we were quite the crew building this storage unit. 
Go team family! Sure do love these people greatly! 

Day 3 - It was a Starbucks kind of day. Hurray for gift cards! 

This lady - so grateful for her! This was the day before she left for Latvia. Missed her like crazy, but love how the Lord uses those times for her growth and encouragement! 

Day 4 - Thankful for sweet bosses who let me borrow their truck to haul furniture and grateful for a sweet friend who is willing to haul giant boxes up stairs. 
Quite the adventure! 

Day 5 - Move lots of things up and down stairs when it is blazing hot require a giant unsweet tea! 

Finished off the day working in the kitchen as an engagement party event. 
It was a long night and this was the theme. 

Day 6 - LOVE teaching Sunday school.
Today's lesson was on John's vision of heaven. 
We spent some time drawing what we imagined John was seeing as he saw heaven. 
Loved seeing what they drew! 

Day 7 - The sun was amazing setting tonight. The photo and my dirty windshield did not do it justice, but it was lovely nonetheless and such a reminder of the Lord's paintbrush!