Friday, September 18, 2015

If Table: September 2015

So If Table. Sounds strange perhaps, but, y'all, my heart is so blessed each month by this. I have to write now before the wonder of tonight begins to fade.

If Table is a part of the If Gathering ministry (more here:
This past spring I went to an If Gathering hosted at church and heard about this concept of hosting women each month around the table for food and intentional conversation. So spoke to my heart.

See I was just starting to transition past the gut-wrenching loneliness of having moved back to the States and was realizing, "There have got to be other hurting, lonely women all around me."
I started praying for the Lord to show me those women and give me courage to love them in that loneliness.

So If:Table beautifully provided an opportunity to do so.
For those of y'all that know me, I'm a rule follower. The suggestions for If Table are 6 Jesus loving women, 4 questions, and the table. Nope. I've approached this more as a platform to invite women into. Any women. From friends to those in the gym to those from the local Chickfila (or two of the local Chickfilas) to strangers asking if their friends could come - and y'all, EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. The Lord has brought different women who engage in real conversation. And y'all, some of those who come are searching for Jesus.

Tonight. Oh tonight. Beauty once again. I saw glimpses of the church's radiance. Did you see, God, did you see these daughters?

Women saying life hurts. Faith is hard. Weariness drains me. The church can hurt. I want to give to others, but I'm fearful.
And yet also proclaiming - My God is good. My God is healing my wounds. I want God to enter my space and renew my trust. I see God using right now.


I wish I could remember all the words the Lord and I just shared about tonight.

It was beautiful.

It was authentic.

It was Jesus showing up and showing off.

Can't wait for next month.

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