Monday, September 7, 2015

Year 33 - Week 41

This was officially moving in and settling week (not this week according to publish date, but according to photo dates!).

Week of August 11-17.

Day 1 - It was a beautiful cloud covered day! This came as an incredible relief after the hottest week of Dallas summer. 
I'll take one week over weeks of 100+ temps. 

Day 2 - Family building/assembly night! 
This awesome brother helps install shelving/organizational things for me. Gotta love it! 

And we were quite the crew building this storage unit. 
Go team family! Sure do love these people greatly! 

Day 3 - It was a Starbucks kind of day. Hurray for gift cards! 

This lady - so grateful for her! This was the day before she left for Latvia. Missed her like crazy, but love how the Lord uses those times for her growth and encouragement! 

Day 4 - Thankful for sweet bosses who let me borrow their truck to haul furniture and grateful for a sweet friend who is willing to haul giant boxes up stairs. 
Quite the adventure! 

Day 5 - Move lots of things up and down stairs when it is blazing hot require a giant unsweet tea! 

Finished off the day working in the kitchen as an engagement party event. 
It was a long night and this was the theme. 

Day 6 - LOVE teaching Sunday school.
Today's lesson was on John's vision of heaven. 
We spent some time drawing what we imagined John was seeing as he saw heaven. 
Loved seeing what they drew! 

Day 7 - The sun was amazing setting tonight. The photo and my dirty windshield did not do it justice, but it was lovely nonetheless and such a reminder of the Lord's paintbrush! 

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