Sunday, September 20, 2015

Year 33 - Week 43

Getting into September for the blogging.

And I forgot to post this picture for last week's. Well, actually it was still on my "real" camera (ie: not a phone camera).

From last week - So these ladies. It has been one year since we have been getting together each month. 
It is only because of the craziness of how the Lord puts people together that I have been able to know these women. I call this my "mentorship" dinner every month. 
I love the generations represented. 
I love how the Lord is using this group to speak into one another lives and to learn from one another. 
So so grateful! 

Week of: August 25-31, 2015

Day 1 - I wish I could adequately share what this particular night meant to me.
This sweet lady is in my small group.
It was our kickoff night for the fall and our group had a dinner together and we sat next to one another and had such a sweet God-ordained conversation. 
We talked about singleness and the church and I walked away so incredibly encouraged. 
My heart is still so encouraged by our discussion this night. 

Day 2 - Sometimes when grocery shopping in Texas, there are people in cowboy hats and sneakers. 

Day 3 - I rarely do anything that requires a super late weeknight.
Yes, I'm a wimp. 
Julia and I went to a Taylor Swift sing-a-long that started at 10pm. 
It. Was. So. Fun! 
It was hysterical and a blast! 
Totally worth the late night. Our voices were hoarse when it was over.
But oh so worth it! 

Day 4 - For our last August half-day Friday, our office had a pool party at Regina and Russ's house. 
So much fun! 
What a treat to have a day poolside together and cookout! 

Day 5 - I'm not a big selfie poster, however, here is one. 
This is a public service announcement. 
If you go to sleep listening to music on an iPad and that device happens to get caught in your bedding. 
Then when you wake up cold and whip the blankets up on yourself, this electronic device may slam into your lip and create swelling. (this is after a few hours, so it had diminished). 
This also may happen on a day when you have a work meeting with a group of people! 

 Day 6 - Children's ministry training day. Our theme??? Warm welcome. 
Very creative. 
The hot tamales were a prize since our table was awesome at being finding commonalities. 

Day 7 - I've been reading Priscilla Shirer's book One in a Million.
So so good. 
This quote stood out to me and was very convicting. 
How often am I focused on the Promised Land rather than the Giver? 
Such a great reminder. 

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