Saturday, September 26, 2015

Year 33 - Week 44

Week of September 1-7

Day 1 - Siri is a great resource when driving and I need to remember something.
Sometimes she doesn't quite understand what I am saying and it makes me giggle! 

Day 2 - Torchy's Tacos and their queso. Some of my favorite queso on the planet. 
Sister-  you need to come back to visit so we can go again! :) 

Love sharing office space and life with these ladies and sharing chips and queso! 

Sweet Kamela. We had dinner together and she walked in to me weeping at our table. I had just gotten off the phone with my sweet Grandma and my heart was breaking as her body's weakening state. She was so sweet to listen and just be a dear friend. (We didn't eat Popsicles for dinner, but did finish our time with them). 

Day 3 - KARA!!!!! This woman has such a gift for giving gifts. 
She sent me this amazing box with the sweetest note and things for the apartment. I laughed and cried as I went through the box. Thank you, dear Kara. So love you! 

Day 4 - Because the Lord is amazing, a text conversation started out of the blue with a dear lady who used to be a daily part of my life in Panama. They are in the process of renaming one of their restaurants and this is her idea. Fede is faith in Italian. 
Overwhelmed. Praying even more for this family and for them to cling to the faithfulness of the Lord. 

Sometimes the Good Year blimp flies in your neighborhood on opening weekend of college football. 
I have needed to learn the home game schedule for SMU to avoid traffic and learn new routes through the neighborhood. 

Day 5 - Neighborhood construction sightings. Apparently in this neighborhood, when you are constructing a home, you have to assemble a tiny model of what the home is going to look like. This is to ensure the people are happy with your choices. No purple houses with orange doors in this place. 

Day 6 - BASEBALL!!!!!! 
What is better than baseball on Labor Day weekend with friends? 
AND with a $10 deal to watch the game, get a souvenir, and a voucher for free food at Raising Cane's? That is a deal, my friends! 

And these people? LOVE THEM! 
Luke is stuck in an Abby sandwich. 

Day 7 - Sunflowers. Aren't they lovely? 
These lasted forever and made me smile every time I looked at them. 
Fresh flowers are a delight to my heart! 

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