Friday, October 30, 2015

Year 33 - Week 45

Well, I have gotten VERY far behind. There are drafts written on other topics, but I have left this fall to the wayside. And the year of weekly blogging is almost over.

Let's catch up!

Week of September 8-14

Day 1 - Clearly I took no interesting photo. This was a day of folding papers and stuffing envelopes. Sometimes it is nice to have that kind of project! 

Day 2 - This sweet lady. It was a night to celebrate what the Lord has been doing in her life and His growth in her. Such a special time to celebrate and rejoice! Love how the Lord has brought our lives and friendship back! 

Day 3 - LOVE talking to this lady anytime. 
Man, I miss her. Get back here, Roo! I'll find a job for you here so we can be roomies again. 

Day 4 - This sweet buddy was walking his tiny dog when I was coming home from work. Love this neighborhood. 

Day 5 - I do not take these displays for granted. I love the beauty of fall! 
And living in a country with lots of pumpkins, even if it is 90 degrees for a while. 

Day 6 - Neighborhood walk. So pretty. 

This was for my FSU peeps - Michael, Aves, Morg, and AJ. 
Love you four! Thanks for the shirt, Morg! 

Day 7 - Writing out things to lay before the Father for my people. 
And spending time with this chick praying together during If:Pray. 
This night was such sweetness for my heart. 

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