Sunday, November 15, 2015

Year 33 - Week 46

Still getting caught up. And I'm reminded of why getting behind is bad - I can't remember the days and dates well as I blog. Sigh. Also it is a reminder that because I didn't finish before the mid-thirties birthday (yes, I consider 34 mid now), that the memory loss is apparent. Must. Finish. Regardless.

Week of September 15-21.

Day 1 - Started reading this book and oh my. Induce tears and laughter. 
So so good. More to come on this book later because the Lord blows me away! 

Day 2 - These two - how I love them. 
Cannot imagine living here in Dallas without them. Such incredible gifts in my life. 

Day 3 - Poor Julia. Her desk gets a gust of wind whenever the air conditioner kicks on and she freezes. At the same time, I may be sweating at my desk because there are no guests of winds on the eastern front. Sometimes she might climb on her desk to try and redirect the wind, but alas, it is to no avail. 

Day 4 - Sister may hurt me for posting this. 
READ THIS: SHE IS NOT PREGNANT! Yes, I might tease her about it, but this was answered with an emphatic No. 
Here is the info - sister and I love us some Taco Cabana. We will make a meal of chips and queso with flour tortillas. Nothing else is needed. It is a must stop whenever she comes to town. 
Let's also give an honorable mention to the amazing tiny sopapillas that have recently been added to the menu. SISTER - GET TO TOWN SO WE CAN GO! 

Day 5 - If: Table. 
I don't know if I can adequately express to y'all how overwhelmed I am each month women gather to eat, share, and live life. 
This particular month causes me to want to weep. 
The authenticity of these women and what was shared overwhelmed my heart, I could hardly sleep when it was over. 
Thank you, Jesus, for how you move. 
(Also, the lady standing right above me - I want to look like her when I grow up!) 

Day 6 - Celebrate Sucy's birthday day! It was her actual birthday this day, but it was a great time to celebrate her together. 
I'm amazed at how the Lord has brought newness to our friendship - from fun-loving college kids to a more mature friendship. There is a sweetness of depth that has developed over the years and I'm so grateful the Lord chose to bring her here. 

We went and got our nails did. Love it! 

Day 7 - Walking in the neighborhood one might spot children riding on a horse pulling a wagon and you might hop on for a ride. 
There is no plaque. I know not the purpose for this artwork, but sometimes you can't question the hood. Perhaps it is to commemorate days gone by. 
Regardless, it is a fun place to walk around with a sweet friend!