Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year 33 - Week 52

I'm going to make it.

So this was the last week in my early thirties. Because 34 is officially the mid's. You are welcome, to any of you who were confused about age delineations.

I'm thankful for another year of life and for what the Lord has taught my about life, people, surrender, and trusting Him even more.

Week of October 27- November 3, 2015.

Day 1 - Talking with this girl. Sheesh - I miss her. 
Get yourself back here, Roo! 

Day 2 - So I started going to Purre Barre with Julia. 
Reg joined us for a few weeks, which was a blast. We may have burned more calories laughing, but oh so fun! 

Day 3 - Y'all, this cookbook. 
Totally challenging me to use new ingredients and it is greatness for cooking in a counter-top oven with limited space. So fun. 

Day 4 - It's coming! 
This is a big deal in Texas. We love us our Blue Bell. 

Day 5 - Went to Margaret in a play with Sucy. 
We laughed at walking around the entire building to find the entrance and we froze to death. Literally so cold we moved during intermission and tested out seats to find a warmer place. 

Day 6 - Sweet Sucy hosted a birthday celebration for me with some of my sweet people. 
Look at those two cuties. I sure do love them. 

This lady - love that she is here in Dallas and getting to know her! 
(And she is getting married like now!)

Thanks, Kamela, for bringing such a beautiful and delicious cake! 

This lady - so thankful for her and laughter and growth and how the Lord put our lives across each others' paths. 

And this friend. Here we are 13 years later, better friends now than we were in college. 

And Julia - how did we not get a photo together?? So thankful you came too. 
This was such a fun night with dear people. 
It's been a cool year! 

So here is to year 34 and all the Lord has in store. 
May it be a new one of learning, trust, new passion for Jesus, and hope in what He is doing. 

Thankful for the journey of life. For His glory. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year 33 - Week 51

Week of October 20-26, 2015

This week was one of celebration and sadness. We celebrated the incredible life of Grandma Jean as she entered the presence of Jesus. Just today, I had a phone call from a lady and her voice sounded just like Grandma's. Fortunately I didn't cry on the phone with her, but it was a precious gift to talk to someone who sounded like Grandma.

Day 1 - This was my finished pumpkin for our contest. If you know me well, I'm not a big cat fan (Kara - I do like Bacon!), but this painting option seemed doable. It was super fun and I was pretty excited at how it turned out! 

Day 2 - Second part of our road trip to Illinois. We got lots of free food at Chickfila (hurray for the calendar and free breakfast Wednesday at the location in Joplin!)

Day 3 - Family time. So sweet! 
These little girls love their Pappy (this does not show him feeding them treats, thus the messy EM face!)

Abby x 2 - love this sweet sister! 

Love this picture of them. How cute are these two? 

Day 4 - Still can't believe her earthly body is gone. 
I'm not ready to post what I shared at her life celebration, but am grateful I shared. 
This incredible lady had HUGE impact upon my life in so many ways! 
I love her dearly and miss her! 
The more those I love go home to Jesus, the more I realize the truth of "this world is not our home." Thankful for hope. 

All over the church were the the quilts Grandma made those in her family. 
There was a quilt for every grandchild. Every one of her married children for their 25th Anniversary. A quilt for Uncle Steve. And the quilt Grandma's grandmother made for her as a child. 
The quilts were beautiful and such a tribute to Grandma's investment in her family's lives. 

We finished the day by going to a Friday night football game and watching Maddie cheer! So much fun! 
I'll have to do a longer post on this trip. 

Day 5 - What trip to Illinois would be complete without a stop at The Filling Station for lunch? 
This was one of my favorite moments. 
AND Maddie took our orders. How is she grown up???? Tears. 

Love this - so many times we have gathered around these tables at the Filling Station and laughed and told stories. 

We drove a few hours to spend some time with these sweet people as we headed back South.
Sweet Lisa came to hang out with us, which was so fun! 
And I forced Aunt Pat to take a photo with us, which I know she secretly loves. 

Day 6 - We made it! 
It was a long day, but I sure do love road-tripping with Luke and Abster. 
We've done a lot of it this year and they are a blast! 

Day 7 - Mike (one of our bosses) passed this around at lunch and we all laughed. 
It's true! (Except I'm not a fan of the Pecan pie)

It was a letter receiving day! Mail is so much fun! 
It's a good reminder to me to keep writing to other people! 

Only one week left for the year of photos and blogging. While I'm behind, it has been a great way to be more intentional in looking at daily life! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Year 33 - Week 50

Almost. There. With. Catching. Up. 

This particular week came at the perfect time. It had been a rough one and ended so sweetly with a weekend with a dear friend. 

Week of October 13-19, 2015 

Day 1 - This sweet girl. 
The way we have met is a crazy God story. 
We meet occasionally to chat and I'm praying for her heart to be open to Jesus. Will you pray with me? 

Day 2 - Texas State Fair. 
Need I say more? I'll have to a whole post on the fair, but oh what fun! 

Day 3 - New favorite yogurt - mango/pineapple with chopped almonds and coconuts. 
And it looks like a heart-shaped Mickey. 

Day 4 - They are back!!!!! 
The Chickfila calendars - best thing ever! 

Time to road trip to Mississippi to meet dear Jen and Caleb. 
Followed this car for a while - that "passenger" in the middle up there? A giant Looney Toons character. Can't make this stuff up. 

Day 5 - Together again! 
How I love these two! 
Jen was my first friend in Panama and here we are NINE years later. 
Man - we have lived and walked through a lot of laugh together and she is more dear now than ever. 
And the handsome little guy - he is growing up way too fast! 

He did eventually let me hold him, although a bit begrudgingly. 
Love you, little man! 

Day 6 - Stop growing up! I can't handle it! 

Oh Jen - how dear you are to my heart! 
I love that we can meet up and just start life right where we are now! 
Love you dearly and can't wait to do another long weekend trip again soon! 

Day 7 - Invitation to Grandparents and Special Friends Day. 
At first I thought perhaps I had missed many stages in my life (ie: marriage, having children, and suddenly then I was a grandparent!). 
Sweet sister sent me this for the girls' school. 
Love it! 
Y'all know I'm going to be that lady in the rocking chair one day. 
Who am I kidding? I might be her now! 

* The weekend I was with Jen was when I got the call that sweet Grandma Jean had gone to be home with Jesus. I miss her, but am so incredibly grateful for the hope of heaven. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Year 33 - Week 49

Hey Y'all! Working on getting this caught up and I'm almost there.

Week of October 6-12, 2015

Day 1 - What do I spy in the bathroom of Chickfila? A mouthwash station. 
Many questions entered my mind. 
* Is this for employees? 
* Were there complaints about the breath-freshness quality of patrons and employees? 
* How many other restaurants do you know that provide mouthwash? 
Classiest quick service restaurant around!
Because I "know" so many of the employees at this particular Chickfila, I asked about it. (Yes, we might go there a lot and yes, I might know most of the weekday lunch time employees and yes, they might recognize us!) 
Apparently, their owner (who is one of our family friends - Hi, Lori!) won a contest! 
Does your local Chickfila have one? 

Day 2 - Wednesday night book club. 
So many good conversations and laughter and tears that have come during our study. 

Day 3 - Disgusting. 
That sounds gross. However, Jon Acuff's = hilarious! 

Day 4 - We finished our pumpkin painting today. 
Mine is the grumpy cat. I was pretty stinkin' proud of it. I'm not super artistic, so thank you, Pinterest, for the idea. So fun! 

Friday night baseball games - so fun! 
And these two are a hoot! 

Day 5 - Movie time with these people! 
We saw The Martian. 
I left convinced I would never enjoy space travel and that I love hanging out with people a lot. 
And that I'm not smart enough to survive and make water if I were stranded on a planet. 

Day 6 - Time to write some letters. 
I'm not as good about letter writing as I would like to be, but it is fun to do! 

Day 7 - Movie Premiere night with Julia and her family! 
We saw Bridge of Spies. It was SO good! I was a big fan. 

This was a super fun week! Love looking back at the sweet memories. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Year 33 - Week 48

I will finish before the year is out! (At least that is my goal!)

Week of September 29-October 5, 2015

Day 1 - Getting a photo of the littlest tiny trying on her Halloween costume. Love these two munchkins. Also, CB's stickers on her jeans - that girl! 

Day 2 - Book club Wednesday! 
We did Jen Hatmaker's For the Love and it was fabulous. We were missing Regina this night. 
So love these women and our time together each week. 

Day 3 - Welcoming Jenny to our team! 
We had a meeting outside by the pond to brainstorm and come up with some plans! 

Day 4 - I spied a TP wrapping job on my way to work. 
So proud to live in a neighborhood where this happens. 
Great memories of high school! :) 

Day 5 - Is this for real? These are back in style? 
Welcome back, 1990's. Just say no, kids. 

Day 6 - Beautiful sunrise on the way to church. Love it. 

Day 7 - Pumpkin painting day at work! 
This was so much fun! Can't wait to show you the final results. 
For a group of whom many claimed a lack of artistic abilities, the results were amazing!