Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Year 33 - Week 49

Hey Y'all! Working on getting this caught up and I'm almost there.

Week of October 6-12, 2015

Day 1 - What do I spy in the bathroom of Chickfila? A mouthwash station. 
Many questions entered my mind. 
* Is this for employees? 
* Were there complaints about the breath-freshness quality of patrons and employees? 
* How many other restaurants do you know that provide mouthwash? 
Classiest quick service restaurant around!
Because I "know" so many of the employees at this particular Chickfila, I asked about it. (Yes, we might go there a lot and yes, I might know most of the weekday lunch time employees and yes, they might recognize us!) 
Apparently, their owner (who is one of our family friends - Hi, Lori!) won a contest! 
Does your local Chickfila have one? 

Day 2 - Wednesday night book club. 
So many good conversations and laughter and tears that have come during our study. 

Day 3 - Disgusting. 
That sounds gross. However, Jon Acuff's = hilarious! 

Day 4 - We finished our pumpkin painting today. 
Mine is the grumpy cat. I was pretty stinkin' proud of it. I'm not super artistic, so thank you, Pinterest, for the idea. So fun! 

Friday night baseball games - so fun! 
And these two are a hoot! 

Day 5 - Movie time with these people! 
We saw The Martian. 
I left convinced I would never enjoy space travel and that I love hanging out with people a lot. 
And that I'm not smart enough to survive and make water if I were stranded on a planet. 

Day 6 - Time to write some letters. 
I'm not as good about letter writing as I would like to be, but it is fun to do! 

Day 7 - Movie Premiere night with Julia and her family! 
We saw Bridge of Spies. It was SO good! I was a big fan. 

This was a super fun week! Love looking back at the sweet memories. 

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