Sunday, December 20, 2015

Year 33 - Week 50

Almost. There. With. Catching. Up. 

This particular week came at the perfect time. It had been a rough one and ended so sweetly with a weekend with a dear friend. 

Week of October 13-19, 2015 

Day 1 - This sweet girl. 
The way we have met is a crazy God story. 
We meet occasionally to chat and I'm praying for her heart to be open to Jesus. Will you pray with me? 

Day 2 - Texas State Fair. 
Need I say more? I'll have to a whole post on the fair, but oh what fun! 

Day 3 - New favorite yogurt - mango/pineapple with chopped almonds and coconuts. 
And it looks like a heart-shaped Mickey. 

Day 4 - They are back!!!!! 
The Chickfila calendars - best thing ever! 

Time to road trip to Mississippi to meet dear Jen and Caleb. 
Followed this car for a while - that "passenger" in the middle up there? A giant Looney Toons character. Can't make this stuff up. 

Day 5 - Together again! 
How I love these two! 
Jen was my first friend in Panama and here we are NINE years later. 
Man - we have lived and walked through a lot of laugh together and she is more dear now than ever. 
And the handsome little guy - he is growing up way too fast! 

He did eventually let me hold him, although a bit begrudgingly. 
Love you, little man! 

Day 6 - Stop growing up! I can't handle it! 

Oh Jen - how dear you are to my heart! 
I love that we can meet up and just start life right where we are now! 
Love you dearly and can't wait to do another long weekend trip again soon! 

Day 7 - Invitation to Grandparents and Special Friends Day. 
At first I thought perhaps I had missed many stages in my life (ie: marriage, having children, and suddenly then I was a grandparent!). 
Sweet sister sent me this for the girls' school. 
Love it! 
Y'all know I'm going to be that lady in the rocking chair one day. 
Who am I kidding? I might be her now! 

* The weekend I was with Jen was when I got the call that sweet Grandma Jean had gone to be home with Jesus. I miss her, but am so incredibly grateful for the hope of heaven. 

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