Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year 33 - Week 51

Week of October 20-26, 2015

This week was one of celebration and sadness. We celebrated the incredible life of Grandma Jean as she entered the presence of Jesus. Just today, I had a phone call from a lady and her voice sounded just like Grandma's. Fortunately I didn't cry on the phone with her, but it was a precious gift to talk to someone who sounded like Grandma.

Day 1 - This was my finished pumpkin for our contest. If you know me well, I'm not a big cat fan (Kara - I do like Bacon!), but this painting option seemed doable. It was super fun and I was pretty excited at how it turned out! 

Day 2 - Second part of our road trip to Illinois. We got lots of free food at Chickfila (hurray for the calendar and free breakfast Wednesday at the location in Joplin!)

Day 3 - Family time. So sweet! 
These little girls love their Pappy (this does not show him feeding them treats, thus the messy EM face!)

Abby x 2 - love this sweet sister! 

Love this picture of them. How cute are these two? 

Day 4 - Still can't believe her earthly body is gone. 
I'm not ready to post what I shared at her life celebration, but am grateful I shared. 
This incredible lady had HUGE impact upon my life in so many ways! 
I love her dearly and miss her! 
The more those I love go home to Jesus, the more I realize the truth of "this world is not our home." Thankful for hope. 

All over the church were the the quilts Grandma made those in her family. 
There was a quilt for every grandchild. Every one of her married children for their 25th Anniversary. A quilt for Uncle Steve. And the quilt Grandma's grandmother made for her as a child. 
The quilts were beautiful and such a tribute to Grandma's investment in her family's lives. 

We finished the day by going to a Friday night football game and watching Maddie cheer! So much fun! 
I'll have to do a longer post on this trip. 

Day 5 - What trip to Illinois would be complete without a stop at The Filling Station for lunch? 
This was one of my favorite moments. 
AND Maddie took our orders. How is she grown up???? Tears. 

Love this - so many times we have gathered around these tables at the Filling Station and laughed and told stories. 

We drove a few hours to spend some time with these sweet people as we headed back South.
Sweet Lisa came to hang out with us, which was so fun! 
And I forced Aunt Pat to take a photo with us, which I know she secretly loves. 

Day 6 - We made it! 
It was a long day, but I sure do love road-tripping with Luke and Abster. 
We've done a lot of it this year and they are a blast! 

Day 7 - Mike (one of our bosses) passed this around at lunch and we all laughed. 
It's true! (Except I'm not a fan of the Pecan pie)

It was a letter receiving day! Mail is so much fun! 
It's a good reminder to me to keep writing to other people! 

Only one week left for the year of photos and blogging. While I'm behind, it has been a great way to be more intentional in looking at daily life! 

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