Monday, June 20, 2016

Air Conditioning is Wonderful

Monday. Such an interesting day of the week. I don't mind Mondays, most of the time. Especially if I have slept well the night previously (thank you, Lord, for good rest last night). 

I was looking back through old pictures and the following ones appeared. I had forgotten about the energy conservation in Panama a few years ago. 

Basically, lights and air conditioning were turned off during 8am - 4pm. Which I find interesting that this is over the refrigerated items. Granted, I'm sure the intent was to inform patrons as to why you might be shopping for your butter in the darkened cases, though it could be misinterpreted that the coolers were also being turned off. However, they weren't. (At least not that I remember). 

Also, I ran across this photo and was reminded as to one of the reasons I love living in the states - fruit doesn't cost my whole monthly grocery budget! 

Yes, that is 8oz of strawberries for $6. Sheesh! Just this week, I saw strawberries 1lb for $2.50. Yes, please! 

This is why I take pictures to remember and be reminded of sweet times and interesting notes. 

Speaking of Panama, this happened yesterday. 

These women. These friendships. My heart aches with gratitude as I think back over this incredible friendships that have remained over the distance and time. (And we are missing Jess and Roo in this photo). In four weeks, we will be together for our annual reunion and to reconnect. My greatest fear when we were all scattered was that our friendships would fade into distant memories. But in the Lord's grace, they have remained and continue to be strong. I love these women. I love our shared memories. I love the journeys we have shared together - both sweet and painful. And in four weeks, more memories will be made and more stories will be shared and more hilarity will occur! 

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