Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Night Noises When Living Alone

For the past year, I've lived on my own for the first time in all of my years. It has been a relatively wonderful experience. I've always had roommates/housemates since college until last year. Moving into my own place has been great, albeit lonely at times.

I've loved being able to blare the music or podcasts whenever the need arises. It's fun to keep things the way I prefer. I love the neighborhood I live in - super safe (very Mayberry feel) and close to lots of things. AND affordable (yes, it's illogical for Dallas, but the Lord and I had a lot of conversations about housing, so I know it is was a gift from Him).

Anywhoo. With all the benefits, there are some downsides.
For example: night noises. I live in an apartment above a garage. It is a detached garage behind the "big house". The owner doesn't park in the garage, but the dogs sleep in there at night.

Fortunately the dogs are not big barkers. (Side story: they must have restless night syndrome (this is my own theory/diagnosis/disorder), because one of the crates looked like this after a night of sleep. And all that fur outside of the crate was brand new shedding. It is crazy madness some nights going on down there). 

I digress. Last night, I was going to sleep. The dogs are gone. The owner is gone. It's just me. In the garage apartment. Alone. 

I've just turned out the lights and there is a crash in what sounds like downstairs in the garage. Immediately, I have the racing heart syndrome with the wide-eyes. What the dickens? And then the imagination goes wild. Is it a burglar? Do they know I'm here alone? Or do they not know I'm up here? There is not much of value in the garage downstairs. Was it just the wind slamming the door closed downstairs? What could have fallen? Do I go investigate? (The obvious answer is NO!)
Is this strange noise, which of course must be a creeper, going to wait all night until I leave early in the morning for physical therapy? I'm sure they've been staking out the joint and know that I'm injured, can't run, and can say Boo! Then I'll fall down the stairs and re-injure my knee. 

Does anyone else play out these crazy scenarios in your head? 

Anywhoo. I wake up this morning. And of course these irrational plans come rushing back to mind. I have my plan. Keep the door in my door from the inside. Open the door. Do an initial glance with what I can see. Plan to slam the door if said creeper is seen. Call 911. Screen like a banshee. Grab something to wield as a weapon. Next phase, when exiting the apartment, be prepared and be cool. (this is plan B). Make "friends" with said creeper and act as though they are there to clean the pool or pick up some random flowerpots and be chill. "Oh hi. You must be the person the owner of the big house was telling me about..."

Bottom line. Nothing happened. No contingency plans needed to be implemented. 

Living alone can be entertaining when your imagination goes crazy. 

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