Monday, June 27, 2016

The Littlest Tiny is 2!

Those who know me well know the deepness with which I love my nieces and nephews.
My sister has two baby darlings and my Panama sisters have babies that they kindly share with me and those babies also call me Tia Abby. (This makes me all teary. So love these sweet gifts).

Four and a half years ago, I became a Tia for the first time to CB. She has changed our family for the good. And now two years ago, along came the Littlest Tiny, EM.

Baby girl - how we love you!

From the moment I received this photo, you stole me heart. 
I anxiously sat next to my phone staring at it while working because I knew you were coming. 
Thankfully Granny and Pappy are as equally enamored, so they kept sending me photos. 

Oh baby girl, you add so much to our crazy, fun family! 
You have so much passion and personality. 

(Totally having all these nostalgic moments looking at these photos. When did you grow up so much????) That headband right there? I bought that when we found out your momma was having a girl with your big sister. I couldn't wait to find the most darling hair adornments for your bald baby heads. 

Your big sister has adored you from day 1. 
The videos of her interacting with you on the first few days of your life as some of my favorite. 
EM - you are always loved. 

And your momma just had to put you in her coming home outfit. Two generations and three tiny babies have worn that outfit. And that ridiculously darling bonnet. 

As you have grown older, you get more and more hysterical. 
Tonight your momma told me you are figuring out what having a birthday means this year. 
When someone talks about your birthday, you say, "Cake?" and then starting singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. That is you, baby girl. 

You are a snuggle bug. You will lay your head down on someones shoulder. 
You give long hugs and I soak those up. 

You go hard. You love to play, especially with your big sister and you watch her to learn lots of things. But you hold your own and are a fighter in your own right! 

You have these insanely giant blue eyes. 
We thought they might change as you've gotten older, but they haven't. 

You are such a happy girl and bring so much joy and laughter to others! 
I love your giggle and your squeals! 
Your voice is super high-pitched and reflects your enthusiasm! 

Oh EM, how we pray big prayers for you. 
We pray you love Jesus more than anything else. 

That your passion for Him oozes out of all that you do. 
And as you continue to grow, that your zeal for life if because of the hope of the Gospel within you. 

And in that vein, EM, I pray you know Jesus as Savior soon. 
That your encounter with the Gospel transforms your life for the Kingdom. 

I pray your joy continues to overflow as a reflection of God's grace and His joy in you. 

And I pray your gifts, love, and life moments have eternal impact on all those who you meet. 
Even now. 

I love you more than I can tell you, Ellister! 
Tia Abby can't wait to see you again and hug your sweet self. 

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