Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thoughts Floating About

Gracious! It has been a long time since I have blogged. There are some posts that have been drafted, but remain unpublished. Maybe one day.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday about leadership and business and there was a challenge to blog every day. Even if no one reads it. I like that.  No Pressure. Just the opportunity to write and process and think. And I find writing down my thoughts helps me to remember moments, funny anecdotes, and life events.

Today is Father's Day. I don't have the same knee-jerk reaction to Father's Day as I do to Mother's Day. Though as I sat in church, I wondered if men react like some women to this day. I sit in church on Mother's day some years and struggle with the ache to be a mom. Do men have that reaction? I don't have answers, more just curiosity and questions.

Today as I was teaching Sunday school, I was reminded how much I love it.
We sat around the table chatting. I also realized how out of touch with current pop culture I am. The kiddos were talking about moves they wanted to see. The only one I knew about was "Finding Dory" (that might be because I loved Finding Nemo). Even my co-teacher who is a couple of decades older than I am knew what the kiddos were talking about. Oh well.

These words literally came out of my mouth while teaching today, "Please don't jump on the walls." There is no other explanation other than said student had literally just jumped on the wall. Oh, you don't think it can be done? Feel free to come and visit. Sure do love those munchkins. They bring no small amount of delight and joy!

Luke received a funny text today from a stranger to wish him a happy Father's day. When he posted it, I thought I was going to have to have a serious sisterly conversation if this was their way of making an announcement. Nope, it was really a mis-sent text from a stranger.

A few year's ago, this happened and it still makes me laugh.

This morning. In June. In Dallas. And it's hot. A little boy was at the bagel shop in his fleece snowman pajamas. And he was the cutest thing. His mom let him go up with money and buy something to drink. You would have thought he was going to Disney! He was so excited and so stinkin' cute!

This is a whole separate set of blog posts (and this small update is more a reminder to the me in the future). My knee is spazzing out this week. Whew. It's been a rough regression of progress. I've had to be reminded again this week of what is possible as opposed to what is not.

Things my knee can do:
* Walk without a brace or crutches
* Stand for long periods of time
* Bend a good ways
* Drive a car
* Walk up stairs (albeit quite slowly and only one at a time)

It's a humbling place to not be able to do what once took no effort. The Lord continues to remind me of how far we have come. The road to healing isn't over yet. Thankful for the medical professionals who continue to help and encourage. Seeing glimpses of purpose in all of this.

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