Friday, June 24, 2016

What a Strange Way to Save Money

For those who know me, I enjoy finding a bargain. Yes, I use money saving apps. I read blogs about finding a deal. I have taken on ordering things for the office because I find it a worthy challenge to save money - be it free shipping, coupon codes, etc.

In the state of Texas, your car needs an annual inspection in order to renew your registration. The process has changed and last year was a transition year for the new procedure.

With this new process that I'm still figuring out, somehow I was able to save money on both steps.

Note: this is not a method as I have no idea how it really happened but who am I to argue with savings?

Step 1: Car inspection.
This stresses me out. Every. Year. It's like preparing for a test that I'm not I can pass. AND I'm not even the one being tested. It's the car! Sheesh!

Julia has a fabulous little place that is a little sketch, but they are quick with the inspection, affordable, and mostly on the way home from work. I've been there before and it is great.

Good news. The car must have studied this year because she passed!

When the man came in to give me the total he said, "$7.
Please note: in years past, I have paid $27ish. I repeated it back and he said, "Yes, $7 because it's diesel."

Who am I to question this savings? Done.

Step 2:
Find out from the inspection man that certain grocery stores in the area will do the registration in person (no mail required!!!).

Step 3:
Go to one of said grocery stores. (Perk: no standing in line!).
Hand over said documentation.

Cashier says, "Well that is strange. Your total is coming in less than the paperwork." 
Me: "Who am I to argue with savings." 

Sure enough, my total is less than the paperwork states. 

Wahoo! I'll take it for saving money. 

Also, I think the reason my inspection was less was due to the fact that my car is one of the VW recalled diesel vehicles. Since it can't accurately pass the emissions test, I'm assuming they didn't run it, therefore making my inspection cost less. This is my theory anywhoo. 

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