Monday, January 2, 2017

DFW Taco Tour - La Banqueta

I'm a big fan of tacos. We grew up eating "made at home ground beef tacos" and loved them! We were/are a flour tortilla eating sort of family. You know, the kind of tortillas you buy because they are cheap and get the job done. Then we moved to Texas and discovered the world of "made at the grocery store" tortillas which will rock your socks off. Where the bag is steamed up because they were just made and they melt in your mouth. Um, yes, please!

Since returning to the States of America, I've become an even bigger fan of tacos. Expanding my tortilla taste buds to include the delicious corn tortillas (this is partially due to the delicious food from La Hacienda in Panama with its amazing Guatemalan food - maybe I should do a post on all my favorite foods from Panama that weren't actually Panamanian). I digress.

Last fall, I decided there are simply so many amazing taco eateries in Dallas, it was time to go explore some of them. The goal: find delicious tacos, preferably at the hole in the wall, where abuela made the tortillas yesterday type of places.

Without further ado, here is the first stop on the DFW Taco Tour...

Tacos La Banqueta

Note: This was my third visit to La Banqueta, but this one was specifically for the taco tour and might have inspired the idea. It's going to be hard to top it! 

There are three locations for this establishment, one on Gaston Ave (next to a gas station), one on Carroll Avenue, and one in Plano. I have only visited the Carroll location, but would venture to guess the other two locations are equally fabulous!

Food: 5 Stars! 
La Banqueta offers simple fare options that are crazy affordable! I've add the tacos de bistec, the alambre (I suggest sharing this as it is quite a bit of food), and the quesadilla. This particular visit included 1 taco de bistec con cilantro y cebolla (1 steak taco with cilantro and onion) y una quesadilla. Their quesadillas come standard with steak, cheese, cilantro and onions all grilled together (you can ask for something to be left off if you prefer. But why? Go for it!). It. Is. Amazing! They also serve aguas frescas and Mexican coca cola (so good!).

Quesadilla on the left and the taco on the right. 
And you better  believe the lime has no juice left in it when I'm done - love lime juice on my tacos! 

Tacos La Banqueta makes their own sauces. I don't have a refined enough palette to tell you what is in the sauces. They are both good. the lighter colored sauce is my favorite. It has good heat and great flavor. It is not spicy for the sake of being spicy, but has fabulous flavor! 

I had returned from Israel three days before this visit and having this food was delightful! 

 Price: 5 Stars! 

This is what makes visiting taquerias so much fun! These little privately owned places can be SUPER affordable! Y'all - $1.50 per taco??? Um, yes, please! The quesadilla is $2.50. Such a deal! If you are on a budget, this is for you!

Service: 4 Stars! 

The employees here are always kind. You order at the counter and they bring it to your table. The employees do speak English, but it is way more fun to order in Spanish! Even if they respond to you in English (press forward with the espanol - at least, that's what I do). The menu is also posted in both English and Spanish in case you are worried about accidentally ordering the tongue taco. Not a joke. 

Extra note: the bathrooms at the Carroll location are incredibly clean! 

Parking at this location can be tricky if it is busy, but find a spot so you can partake. Do not be deterred. 

And when going on a taco tour, it is always fun to have a taco loving friend with you! Thanks, Suce, for joining me on this tour! 

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