Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baby Gray Has Gone Away

So it's been almost four years since the Lord made it clear returning to the states was happening. And this meant practical planning went into motion, especially once I knew I had a job here.

Because the Lord put everything together after I said yes to Him, transportation was not excluded from His provision. Dad kept asking, "if you could have anything what would you want?" And my response, "Well, I can't afford it, but I would want a Volkswagon Jetta diesel. But it's not going to happen."

Fast forward a few weeks. My aunt sends me a message saying that her son, my cousin, is selling his car and would I be interested. Sure, send me the details. It was out of budget. I couldn't do it. I wrote him back and said, "It looks great, but I can't afford it. Thanks!"

He responded giving me what he could do and it was still over, but closer. So I crunched numbers and looked at what might work. Obtained counsel. And decided to go for it.

I had seen photos of the car. It looked great. I've driven diesel Jettas and knew I loved them. So I said yes.

Caveat - the car was in Nebraska. I was in Panama. Car needed to get to Dallas. Enter amazing brother! He flew to Nebraska and picked up the car and drove it back to Dallas. This was 8 weeks before I was moving to Dallas. Car check.

One minor detail I haven't yet mentioned. The car was gray. The exact color I would have chosen if I could. It was an extra gift from the Lord!

Over the past three and a half years, there have been several road trips in Baby Gray. Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma.

In transitioning back to the states, Baby Gray was a place where many tears were shed in learning to live here again. My cars often become a place I talk to Jesus a lot. So there were many conversations of struggle, joy, the asking of questions, and learning how to be.

Baby Gray has listened to hours of singing in the car. Hundreds of episodes of The Dave Ramsey Show. Countless conversations with friends in person and on the phone.

We traveled to meet Baby EM not long after she was born. And man, did Baby Gray love the 75 MPH Texas highways.

We carried on family traditions of road trips.

And other lesser known traditions of honking under the over-the-road McDonalds along the turnpike in Oklahoma. 


Baby Gray was my transportation and was able to experience handicap parking spaces during #projectkneegetbetter.

And she endured my learning to drive again after a month off the roads and a knee that was learning to bend and in excruciating pain. 

Baby Gray experienced some wounds over the past few years. People are crazy! On the way to Ben's daddy's funeral, she lost a tire. Flat. Aired it. Came out after the service. Flat.

Then a semi decided to tag her and her door suffered greatly. Morgan was here for that one. (This is why semis scare me).

Then a lady not paying attention in the parking garage tattooed some of her car paint onto Baby Gray.

And Baby Gray was helper on different occasions to those needing a boost of power. 

I've said goodbye to some people I love dearly. Baby Gray took us to say so long. On one of those occasions, it was my earthly last visit with Grandma. 

So here we are today. It was going away day for Baby Gray (do you like the rhyme????).
The Jetta diesels of certain years have been "recalled" and bought back by Volkswagon. I've gone through the process of submitting paperwork and getting ready to turn her in. Today (February 6) was that day.

(When starting the buyback process, you had to create a profile for the car. Perfect!)

I will miss filling up with diesel and people asking if I know what I am doing. And then the looks of bewilderment when I tell them diesel is required. 

When I handed the keys over, I asked the lady if I could see the car once more (isn't this hilarious? Who asks that?). She said of course when I was leaving, but if I come tomorrow she will be gone. I sure did have Luke take my picture with Baby Gray once more.

And how fitting that brother was there for the farewell since he picked her up. And he happened to be available to drive me home from the dealership!

I'm grateful for the Lord's provision of this car. What an incredible gift! Now on to new memories in Miss Preza.

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