Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DFW Taco Tour - El Tizoncito

This taco tour was spontaneous! Sucy was house sitting in north Dallas and we met up to go walking at a nature preserve. After walking for a while, we were hungry! The taco hunt was on!

Sucy found this option and it had great reviews, so we went.

El Tizoncito

El Tizoncito has a bit of a diner feel when you walk in. The host met us and we were seated instantly. Already this tips you off that this is not a walk up taco diner with traditional tacos. It is a bit more formal. The menu here was more extensive and offered several options for delicious food.

Clearly, I was meant to eat here! 😊  The menu headings were in Spanish, but the explanations were in English. Also, our waitress spoke to us in Spanish the whole time - WIN! Authenticity - check. 

Here was an unexpected bonus - they serve everyone a cup of black beans. They. Were. Incredible! I'm pretty sure there was pieces of pork in the beans. The flavor was amazing, the sauce was thick, and it was a great treat to get started for the meal. 

 I ordered two tacos - one bistec and one pastor. The bistec was amazing! The flavor of the steak was fantastic and the food was simple, delicious, and appetizing! The pastor was good. The one downside to the pork taco was it was greasy.

The best part of the pastor was the incredible chopped pineapple that came with it! It was delicious and added a great contrast with the savory meat flavors.

Again, one of my favorite things about tacos is the homemade sauces taquerias make. El Tizoncito was no exception. They had a verde sauce and a red salsa. (Also, I LOVE tacos with the traditional limes, cilantro and onions - DELISH!). The verde salsa was incredible! Typically I'm a red salsa girl, but the vedrde salsa was amazing! I loaded it up! The red salsa was good, but it was a more roasted salsa, which is not my thing so much. Both sauces were great though!


Food: 5 Stars 
This food was incredible! Sucy loved what she ordered. The black beans were an unexpected treat and amazing! The tacos were great along with the homemade sauces.

Price: 4 Stars
Because I ordered the tacos a la carte, it was more affordable than one of the entrees. The entrees are more expensive than going to a less fancy taqueria. The price would not prevent going back!

Service: 5 Stars
The waitstaff was incredible! We had great attention. The food came so fast after ordering. We had read on the review the service was amazing and it did not disappoint.

Can't wait to go back again!

I failed at getting a photo of Sucy and I together. I inadvertently took a photo of my feet walking in. It is the only evidence of us on the visit.

(This picture should be titled: Racing to get some tacos!)

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