Saturday, February 4, 2017

If Teaching, Take Notes

The title is a play on words for my brain. This weekend was If Gathering 2017. If you know about If, you need to go now and check it out

I was all teary-faced all weekend and struck by the nearness of the Holy Spirit. Convicted to be intentional to invest in others. Encouraged to keep on. Reminded that Jesus works in the small.

These were the dear ladies who joined in for If Gathering 2017 with me.

Jesus reminded this weekend that my small group girls on Sunday matter. I love them dearly. Seventy-five minutes on Sundays literally floats away in nano-seconds.

Last Sunday, we were finishing up a series on faith and how to live it out. This lesson was on spiritual gifts. I have never watched fourth graders take a spiritual gifts inventory. It was beautiful!

Here is something I love about students. They are SUPER honest in their opinion of themselves. The highest possible score for each section was 35 and the lowest was 7. No one in the class had a score lower than 20. I died! This made the discussion on narrowing down areas to one or two stronger strengths nearly impossible.

We talked through each of the gifts. And as we went, I had them indicate if the specific area was the highest score. Here is what I love! Every. Single. Gift was represented in this class of eleven girls. It so beautifully illustrated why we need one another! Each one of them matters and is needed for the kingdom.

It was important to talk about using our weaker gifts as well to avoid making that an excuse to sit back. Just because you may not be "gifted" in the area of service, does not mean you do not serve.

Our time flitted away. I need hours longer to debrief with each of them. As they flitted out, one sweet girl hung back and said, "Miss Abby, can I ask you a question? How did you know you should teach? I mean was there a moment when you just knew."

Y'all. Heart explosion. This fires me up to talk about Jesus with people - young or old! She and I chatted about looking at the things in our lives that bring delight to our souls. How do we use those for the glory of God? We talked about what she loves and looked at her inventory. Her top three scores were beautifully intertwined - giving, service, and compassion. As we continued to talk about these (her poor dad was stuck just waiting for us to wrap up!), her face lit up as we talked.

And then, she realized she can do these things she loves now. For Jesus. For the Kingdom. For His Glory. Oh Jesus, let me face reflect the delight of serving you!

And today? This weekend? If Gathering? All about discipleship. That Jesus cares about the small things. And my eyes leaked. She is disciple-making.

Guess what else? Tomorrow I'll get to use my gifts in a new way in this place. I'm teaching to the large group. We are getting into Scripture. And I can't wait to study with them.

So tomorrow, I will go back. Gather in close to this little tribe. And we will begin to pore over a study of Psalms. And by the grace of God, may we leave our few moments together loving Jesus more to love those who puts around us.

Let's do this.

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