Monday, February 20, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016 - Portland

Yep, I'm only a few months behind.

I arrived back from Israel/Jordan on a Sunday and left on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

You know where you are at when you see this on the floor of the airport.

Portland! Oh your carpet. Thank you, Kara, for educating me on the carpet importance of PDX. 

Yay for dear friends! And for celebrating Thanksgiving together! 

Kara's cutie parents and the Thanksgiving bird! 

Yes, please. Kara loves traditions, so I knew Thanksgiving would be filled with traditional delicious food and it did not disappoint. 

Kara always finds fun veggie tray ideas for holidays. This was my project. Thank you to Bruce for craving out the turkey's feet and mouth! 

Zoey wanted to join in on the Ticket to Ride game. No photo evidence of playing the reverse charades game that caused much laughter and gasping for breath! Hy-ster-ical! 

And yes, we scoured the papers for the best Black Friday deals. 

It was an early morning and my jet-lagged self felt the early morning and shopping madness! Whew! I'm old. 

Another first for me - cutting down a real Christmas tree! This is so fun! (Thank you, Kara, for letting me borrow the cozy hat). 

This was such a fun process. You just pick up a saw and trek into the tree farm woods. So. Much. Fun. 

Zoey was fascinated by the process. Also - every single tree is beautiful and amazing! 

Let's be honest, I just pretended to be a real lumberjack tree-chopping person. 

Tree decorating time with friends (and fun Santa hats). 

And Gilmore Girls. Yes. This was so fun to watch with a friend and process the whole thing. 

We also stalked a Santa parade through a neighborhood and it was super fun! 

And we did an Escape Room! I love these things! 
Thanks, Kara, for planning this!!!!

Also, we were geniuses and escaped. It was super fun! I might have screamed once. We were a good team! 

And this little girl, I love her! She might be shy around me for photos, but we are buddies. At least that's what I tell myself. 

And we got to experiment with a ponytail! Yes! I love it! She is just darling! 

Also, I LOVED hearing more about Kara's parents stories from being missionaries in Peru and their crazy adventures! Seriously like a book. I had no idea the craziness of their experiences! They are amazing people. Heroes of the faith. And they are SUPER fun people to hang out with. If you every need some people to play games with in the Portland area, they are your people (with Kara too!). 

And one of my favorite things that makes me laugh driving to the airport in Portland - this hot tub advertisement. Hilarious! And I love that Mr. Man is waving. Haha! 
"Look at me sitting in this giant blow up pool along the highway. And it's freezing outside. Buy a hot tub." 

Loved celebrating with Kara and her family on Thanksgiving. Such fun memories! Let's do it again sometime! 

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