Thursday, July 27, 2017

Amazing Customer Service

So I work in customer service basically. I talk to people on the phone and answer emails as a major portion of my daily work. People are fascinating!

I recently had such a remarkable customer service experience. One of those where you write to corporate because it was so profound.

It is no secret I love writing devices - pens, markers, pencils, etc. Sharpies are one of my favorite things! Especially the silver metallic Sharpies. When I taught, there was a marker bucket of "Ms. Spencer's markers" and students who were granted permission to use them took a pseudo-oath. And it was such a big deal to use said writing utensils. Even now, I have pen cups in my house that are "for anyone's use" and "extra special writing tools". Yes, I have problems.

(Just a sample from my personal collection. Not all Sharpies owned were pictured.) 

All this to say when I needed to go and find perfectly colored Sharpies for an upcoming work trip - I was ALL over it! This is like sending a kid to the candy store with $20!

So I went to Michaels to find said beautiful Sharpies. And I found them and I might have tested out the new brush style ones. Because why not?

When I went to pay for the Sharpies, I encountered an odd question from the cashier.

Cashier: "Where did you park?"

I pause.

Cashier: "On the left or the right?" (He points out the window)

I turn around and have that moment of "oh my word! Is this a test? Am I being screened for senility because sometimes I can't remember where I park?"

I fortunately spot my car and respond: "Oh, it's right there on the right."

Cashier: "Ok, good."

Awkward pause. (Do I ask why? Was there an accident in the parking lot? Is it raining? Did a semi just drop a large load of chickens that have taken over the lot now?)

Cashier: "There is someone out front on the left side who has been bothering customers as they exit and I wanted to make sure you would able to get to your car safely. I just called the police, but you should be ok. If you had been parked on the other side, I would have walked you out to your car to be sure you were safe."

Me (dumbfounded): "Wow! Thank you. That is very kind."

Cashier: "I'll watch as you walk out to your car to make sure there are no problems. Thanks for coming in today!"

I literally walked out shocked. Who does that? Unfortunately the receipt did not tell me the employees name and it was the one time I couldn't remember what the tag said (yes, I usually remember - I'm a visual learner!).

And I was reminded and challenged, "How can I create remarkable experiences for those I interact with as I talk on the phone and respond to emails?"

And hopefully, this employee is recognized by Michaels for the outstanding service provided! Because I sure did fill out a customer experience form on their website.

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